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TumblrLink Rules Book

Linkrs Play Fair

1. Do not post outside links in your descriptions.
2. Do not use profanity in your descriptions.
3. Adult Content is not allowed.  TumblrLink is designed to be rated for everyone.
4. Currently, all promotions are required to be in English.  Other languages will come.
5. If you plug many blogs at the same time use different descriptions.(or to us it looks like spam)
7. Empty blogs are not allowed.
6. Excessive use of ASCII characters in blog descriptions are not allowed (Soon to be disabled completely if people continue to break this rule)
8. Descriptions should describe your blog and nothing else. Using numbers, random letters/numbers, or ASCII characters only is not allowed.
9. Tumblogs designed to promote a product are not allowed. However you can purchase a promo spot for your blog.

Most bans are temporary, but if you continue to break rules the ban will be permanent.
If you are not sure why you were banned, send us an email through Support Page.

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