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You are buying Promo spot #6

Promo spots give you additonal exposure for your tumblr blog.
We are not a follow train. We do not force people to follow you and that makes us different. That also guarantees that your blog will not get banned by Tumblr as it can with a follow train website.
While we can't gurantee followers, as we are not an illigal follow train, consider the following:

* Your promo spot will be seen over 30,000 times by fellow tumblrs that visit out website monthly.
* You also get entered into a drawing to win "Blog of the Month" for next month. Which is a big banner right below the link wall on the main page and a few other pages. One spot purchase is One entry.
* A great avatar will attract more attention.
* Quality content on your blog will retain your followers.
// Get a Highlight URL for even more exposure.
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* All sales are final. No refunds.

* No Rated-R Blogs Allowed. ( If your blog is Rated-R, your promo spot will be removed and there will be no refunds.)

* No Rated-R Avatars Allowed. ( If your blog has Rated-R avatar, your promo spot will be removed and there will be no refunds.)

* Don't change your tumblr URL while the promo is running. (or your spot will be auto removed)

By buying the promo spot, you agree to the terms above.

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