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How to promote your tumblr blog and gain tumblr followers.


The majority of the blogs on Tumblr are very general, meaning they have anything from photos to videos to music and don’t have a theme. The blogs that really stand out and gain followers have a specific topic/theme/niche and or serve a purpose. What is something that you like? Aim to create a blog that is unique to you and only you. Whatever you may choose, make sure to stay on topic or at least try to relate unconnected posts back to your topic.


First impressions count, unlike other blogging platforms, Tumblr has extremely customizable options for your theme. Tumblr offers many great free themes, but if you really want to stand out, consider paying a few extra dollars for a ‘premium’ one.

Consider choosing a blog name that represents you, or at least gives an impression of what your blog is about. Using your own name or web handle as your url can make it much harder to retain followers at the start. Think about different names that include the theme or topic of your blog, but keep it simple. If you’re really serious, you can consider setting yourself up with a custom URL such as www.yourblogname.com to give your blog that extra professional feel.


Tagging is one of the most important parts of retaining followers on Tumblr. Whenever you create any type of post, add a few tags to it, such as “funny” or “b/w” to let other people find your posts when they search for those tags. Make sure that you pace yourself, posting too much content in a short amount of time can discourage your followers. Imagine that your blog is like a book, and you want your posts to create the story.

When following other users, you can reblog their posts. Keep in mind that spam reblogging can annoy people as well. Reblog only the posts that relate to your blog, and keep the posting limit to about 5-10 posts per hour. Search for any word or phrase that relates to your blog, and consider reblogging those posts, this is a great way to maintain a steady stream of posts without having to post your own original content.


Personal blogs are the most followed blogs on Tumblr. Stay active, make sure that you sign in every day and reblog a few posts every now and then. Consider setting up a queue that lets Tumblr decide when your selected posts will be posted on your blog. Have your followers submit posts and ask questions, stay engaged with your audience. This is one of the most important tips to having lots of followers and maintaining a successful blog. When people see your blog, and they notice your activity and interaction, they will come back for more and you will retain your overall follower count, as well as gain many more.


In conclusion, gaining and retaining followers usually takes time. You're not going to get there in a week, and you probably won't get there in a month either. We can definitely help you speed up the process. Try telling your friends about your blog, share your posts on Facebook or Twitter or promote your blog on our site, and remember to follow other relevant blogs on your topic. They may follow you back or even reblog your content. The trick is to stay active and interact with the Tumblr community and your audience as much as you can. Keep at it, and your hard Tumblr work may pay off. If everything works out, you may eventually be able to call yourself one of the “Tumblr famous.”


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