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Hungry for Coins?

Linkr Coins

At TumblrLink, you get rewarded for any sort of activity you have on our site. Everything from a simple post to a referral will get you a certain number of Linkr Coins. We have a breakdown for you here.

Rewards List

  • +1 Post A Link
    This is the easiest way to get Linkr Coins, so it's also the smallest. Each post you make will net you 1 Linkr Coin.
  • +20 Refer a Friend
    Send a Friend or Follower to TumblrLink through your referral link and you will get a boost of 20 Linkr Coins. That adds up quickly!
  • + ? TumblrLink Hi-Lo
    Spend some time playing our In-House Hi-Lo game and you can win some Linkr Coins for your time. Each round increases in value, try to reach Round 10!
  • More to come, so check back often!

Cash For Coins

We will be rolling out a payment system to get coins, so you can get all the benefits of TumblrLink right away. We'll announce when it's available!

View Your Stats!

That's right, you can check on any Linkr's progress. We keep track of your posts, referrals, game stats, etc!

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