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Looking for ways to get noticed more on TumblrLink? Click here to get your referral link!

Every referral you get will net you +20 Linkr Coins for our Promotions Store! That will add up quickly!

There are multiple ways to get TumblrLink Awards. Getting a TumblrLink Award will grant your URL specific advantages to other Tumblr's here.

Awards List

  • 10 Referrals
    Getting 10 referrals from your URL will give you the Silver Referrer badge and allow you to post in up to 3 categories at once!
  • 25 Referrals
    Getting 25 referrals from your URL will give you the Gold Referrer badge and allow you to post in up to 5 categories at once!
  • Site Sponsorship
    Site Sponsorship will get you all the same benefits as getting 25 Referrals and FAST, and is available in the Linkr Store.
  • Lucky Duck!
    You've got a lucky charm, because to reach this badge you have to reach Round 10 in our Hi-Lo game. Keep trying every 5 minutes for a chance at the badge, and some Linkr Coins.
  • Have an idea for a new Award? Send us your idea through the Support Page. More to come, so check back often!

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